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Cleanest Live Resin we have come across to date

Super inviting smoke/vapour

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White Rhino once again amazes us with their premium extraction products.  We have never seen an absolutely perfect Live Resin extraction until we came across this batch of Pineapple Chunk live resin.  Typically, we are able to rate/judge extracts by the colour of the final product;  usually the lighter blonde/yellow the product, the cleaner the extraction.  As you can see from the colour of the actual picture, this premium live resin does not get much better than this.  It has quickly become our staff favourite and we highly recommend everyone to give this a try.

This is a premium product of 1g of Pineapple Chunk live resin – An indica-leaning hybrid that induces heavy full-body effects and a fast-paced head buzz. This THC-rich strain combines a Cheese and Skunk #1 cross with Barney’s Pineapple, and you can almost smell its lineage through sour notes of tangy skunk, earthycheese, and sweet pineapple. Optimally, Pineapple Chunk will deliver a small dose of CBD with its crushing THC content, resulting in powerful painkilling and stress-relieving properties. Some report a racing jolt of cerebral energy with Pineapple Chunk, so this may not be the best strain for treating sleeplessness or anxiety.

Cleanest Live Resin we have come across to date

Super inviting smoke/vapour

Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate where the fresh plant is flash frozen immediately following harvest and kept at freezing temperatures throughout the extraction process.. By doing this, the cannabis plant retains its valuable terpene profile, thus retaining the plant’s original flavour and fragrance that can then be carried over into the final product.  Live Resin concentrate produces a more pungent aroma, higher and more complex terpene profiles can also deliver an elevated psychoactive experience because terpenes can interact with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.


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