Sugar High (Sour Worms)


Sugar High Gummy Edibles

Sour Worms

500MG Psilocybin

10 Gummies per pack = 50mg Psilocybin per gummy.

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Sugar High Just made a delicious creation of psilocybin infused shroom edibles. By using real psilocybin concentrate extracted from Psilocybe Cubensis mushrooms, they’ve been able to curate an accurately-dosed mushroom edible that promotes mental well-being and healthy experimentation. Every one of their Sugar High Gummies contains 50mg of pure psilocybin extract – Packs of 500mg comes with 10 gummies.

Sensory: Visual & auditory hallucinations followed by altered perceptions of time, space and location. Ego dissolution at high dose.

Emotional: Sense of giddiness or hilarity, changes in awareness and perspective, emotional catharsis and sense of connectedness. May onset changes in mood such as euphoria and rushes of epiphanies.


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