*TOP SHELF* | Purple Punch



$119 per Ounce – 28 Grams

Beautiful purple hue

Super sticky

Loaded with THC

Top Quality



Out of stock

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4 reviews for *TOP SHELF* | Purple Punch

  1. Csollows95 (verified owner)

    Super sticky blue and purple buds covered in crystals. Great smell, and great smooth taste. If you’re a beginner I wouldn’t recommend smoking this during the day, only before bed.


    This is some potent bud. Definitely a good one, worth the extra buck.
    Keep it up BL

  3. Kaleb Gaillard (verified owner)

    Some fire herb right here loaded with thc colourful buds and a wonderful aroma recommended for the seasoned smoker unless your trying to couch yourself definitely will be purchasing again thanks BL

  4. Nixon (verified owner)

    Buzz is where you want , but the taste ain’t there, give it 6\10 , hard to smoke something that don’t taste good

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