Energy Cleansing Spray | Healing by Shefa

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To cleanse negative energy out of auras and spaces

Reiki infused sea salt, moon water, aromatherapy essential oils

Shake well and spray generously

For external use only

80ml bottle

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Healing by Shefa

Energy Healer Shefa, gives you an uplifting scented cleansing spray, made with love and pure intentions. To cleanse negative energy from you, your space, or items of importance. This spray is made up of these important components:

  1. Moon Water, water charged by the energy and light of the full lunar cycle (full moon). Moon water carries the energy of the moon and utilizing it can help you adapt to energy shifts, and release things that no longer serve you.
  2. Reiki Infused Sea Salt, sea salt infused with reiki healing energy. Sea salt alone has the power to cleanse and purify, making  the reiki energy attracted to it, raising the vibration and adding even more powerful healing energy.
  3. Aromatherapy Essential oils, such as lavender (promotes calmness/wellness), sage (relieves anxiety/stress), lemongrass (helps relieve depression/promotes uplifting energy), eucalyptus (promotes deep breathing), peppermint (promotes alertness/brain function).

This hand crafted spray has also been charged with crystals for full energy cleansing affect.

Shake well and spray generously  

*This product does not contain cannabis, and is for energy healing purposes only


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