Premium Trim Shake | Indica



$59 per oz, 28 grams

Indica Trim Shake

Contains some popcorn

More THC crystals than regular trim shake

(4 customer reviews)

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Premium Indica Trim Shake

Lots of crystals

Contains some popcorn




4 reviews for Premium Trim Shake | Indica

  1. AdamRichardson33 (verified owner)

    Wow. I’m really impressed with this blueberry shake. For the money this is a great deal. Nice taste and great high! Very fast transaction. Will be ordering again.

  2. PlatonicNerd (verified owner)

    Very good weed for the price! I love the high I get from it. Doesn’t last long but the down time is nice. A+++. Will defiant buy again!

  3. Warren Martin (verified owner)

    Nice buzz for a great price!! Will buy again

  4. Warren Martin (verified owner)

    A great deal.. Nice buzz not harsh draw. Will buy again

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