Premium Trim Shake | Hybrid



$45 per Ounce – 28 Grams

Premium Trim Shake

Contains some kernels, few popcorn

Contains some seeds

(37 customer reviews)

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Premium Trim Shake

Contains some kernels, few popcorn

Contains some seeds

Mostly Hybrid


37 reviews for Premium Trim Shake | Hybrid

  1. Elle Bowes

    Just recieved my order and I am beyond impressed with it . Who doesnt like some cheap shake. I dont need fancy labels. Love BB thank you for an amazing high

  2. Kaleb Gaillard (verified owner)

    some decent buds, hybrid+sativa.. Worth the buy

  3. TBZK (verified owner)

    High quite comparable to bud great buzz for the price impressed nice amount

  4. davidbrendan7799 (verified owner)

    Wow! I could smell this before opening the last two bags.. colors of grey and purple and the taste is incredible. I can hardly believe this was only 49 for an ounce! HIGHLY recommended!

  5. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Great taste. Great product at a great price. Keep the good stuff coming at great prices and I’ll keep buying.
    Love it.

  6. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Realy pleased. Pre busted. Thanks again.

  7. DopeChef (verified owner)

    I am very impressed by this product! Thanks so much for the awesome deals.

  8. TAdams1313

    Will never look down on trim shake again! Great product for an event better price!

  9. Tararay (verified owner)

    Very impressed with quality for price!

  10. Tadem_raacheem

    Very impressed with this. Definitely worth a try!

  11. ricktaylor_77 (verified owner)

    ?? budget buds i am so impressed, good shake for a great deal, you guys and gals kick ass, i will always buy from bb as long as i can and i would recommend to anyone

  12. Twhittle

    Actually really decent for shake.. used it for making edibles.. worked great

  13. Greengirl35 (verified owner)

    Loved this shake hate grinding to smoke and this for the most part
    Amazing price as people don’t realize you get alot of thc with shake keep it coming waiting to order blueberry trim next

  14. Brad_bobley (verified owner)

    I made oil out of my order and it was great! Definitely worth the $49 I paid for it. There was alot of leaf but you could tell there was some actual buds in it as well. I even rolled a joint out of it and found it wasn’t so bad. It reminded me of their $99oz just a bit more leafy. Would recommend for concentrates but would be harsh to smoke on its own.

  15. Anissa (verified owner)

    Made my first batch of Cannabutter with this and omg!!! Amaz-balls!!!

  16. William B (verified owner)

    Great deal, thanks budget buds. Nice high as well.

  17. Warren Martin

    Great deal☺☺ will buy again

  18. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Enjoyed. Great smell. Great to smoke or eat. Pre busted. Perfect.

  19. Ray Arrington (verified owner)

    HIGHLY REC. to anyone!! Some pretty awesome blend of crumbles with some small stems you can pick-out or use as well. Good high and shake and crumbles are usually high-end clean bud pieces! Great value guys!

  20. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Enjoyed. Realy nice taist. Will buy again.

  21. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Great for cooking.

  22. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Fresh new taist. I love it. Will buy again.

  23. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Enjoyed it to the fullest.

  24. Warren Martin (verified owner)

    Really nice buzz. for the price.will buy again.

  25. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Realy tasty

  26. Warren matt (verified owner)

    Nice high great price will keep buying

  27. W (verified owner)

    As usual excellent

  28. Warren Martin (verified owner)

    Still a great deal will buy again??

  29. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Enjoyed. Great smell. Great for cooking.
    Thanks again.

  30. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Great flavor and great smoke.
    Buying again.

  31. BongOx (verified owner)

    Superb value! I enjoyed this even as a longtime smoker. Budget buy extraordinaire.

  32. pimpdaddytravy (verified owner)

    Great for cooking I got 3 batches of potent brownies out of this shake!

  33. Slimgrim (verified owner)

    Wow just wow amazing just for shake way better then that last blueberry shake I bought will definitely buy again

  34. Warren Marti (verified owner)

    A good deal for a good price.. Will buy again

  35. Fabricator Factory (verified owner)

    Enjoyed. Thanks again.

  36. Warren Martin (verified owner)

    Some nice little buds,great aroma and taste.nice buzz too.would buy again.

  37. Kaleb Gaillard (verified owner)

    Good to smoke also good for extracts

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