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Purple Urkle is a famed Nor. Cal. strain, whose history is shrouded in mystery. However, there is zero doubt about how amazingly potent and enjoyable this particular strain is. It is known to cure many minor and major ailments, and truly deserves its reputation for being a power-tranquilizer.

This fragrant California hybrid has a well disputed and notoriously complicated history. Purple Urkle’s parentage can be traced back to Mendo Purps, stemming from the famous Emerald triangle region in the north of California.

Purple Urkle surfaced on the scene in the 1980’s, straight from the West Coast, and instantly loved by many indica-lovers. Its berry-like flavored bud has been noted as a fairly powerful smoke, which is why it is so popular among the connoisseurs and veterans – if you are a fan of this sweet flower, chances are, you know exactly what you like.

This happy hybrid wears many hats. Purple Urkle quite possibly has inherited the best of both worlds, with the indica side of things possibly dominating most of the time. This mellow giant is great at unwinding every bit of you after a long a crazy day of being busy.

Creative, Euphoria,Happy
May Relieve
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety,Arthritis, Chronic Pain,Depression, Insomnia,Loss of Appetite,Migraines, Nausea,PTSD, Stress
Berry, Fruity, Grape,Skunky, Sweet
Earthy, Fruity, Grape,Skunky, Sweet

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  1. Dylan Sween (verified owner)

    Smooth and potent. Burns nice. Good stuff!

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