Phoenix Tears


650mg THC each. Processed with grain alcohol and may contain traces of gluten.

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What are Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears are one of the most potent versions of concentrated cannabis oil and were created by Rick Simpson. Rick Simpson was a cancer patient in search of alternative healing methods that eventually cured his cancer with cannabis oil. This high THC oil has heavy psychoactive effects and allows patients relief from many of the leading pharmaceutically prescribed conditions including, but not limited to: insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, nerve pain, muscle spasms, appetite loss, and, of course, cancer.

How do you use Phoenix Tears?

  • Ingest: Many patients find ingesting Phoenix Tears to be the most effective way of treatment. “Tacking” is a common practice in which the user applies the oil to their gums for absorption.
  • Smoke or Vaporize: Add to your joints, blunts, or even hot knife.
  • Use topically: Rub on areas with aches, pain, or irritation. This method works great for ailments such as arthritis, neck pain, joint pain, menstrual cramps, and allergic reactions.

Each order includes one syringe. | 650mg THC

4 reviews for Phoenix Tears

  1. Csollows95 (verified owner)

    Very potent stuff. Well worth the price.

  2. Svance8435 (verified owner)

    Well worth the $28, very strong, honestly prefer this over shatter or dab now as it’s less the cost but just as or more effective! Highly recommend a try!

  3. TearsInHeaven

    Simpson’s phoenix tear is great… but the new Biker Oil is way better! Definitely has a better taste and feels like it hits pretty hard

  4. Slimgrim

    Love this for my back pain

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