Mango Kush 1/2 Oz 14 Grams



$75 for Half Oz 14 grams

Great tropical mango aroma

Caked with THC

Big dense heavy nuggets

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The Mango Kush marijuana strain tastes similar to the actual mango fruit, with a distinct Kush flavour and hints of pine on the exhale. Its buds are covered with orange pistils and are described as very dense. The fruit is known to enhance the high for many people, and some cannabis strains are bred to evoke the fruit.  It smells of the tropics, sweet mangos, and bananas. THC can make up as much as 16% of this strain, while CBD is much lower, about 0.3%. Mango Kush is a hybrid that can be used to treat nausea and vomiting, pain, insomnia, lack of appetite, and depression. The high is centred on the body, with deep relaxation, strong euphoria, and a general sedated feeling. Many patients find themselves talking and giggling more than usual while high on this strain.


Euphoria, Giggly, Happy,Relaxing
May Relieve 
Bipolar Disorder,Chronic Pain,Depression, Insomnia,Loss of Appetite,Migraines, Nausea,PTSD, Stress
Fruity, Pine, Sweet,Tropical
Earthy, Fruity, Mango,Pungent


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