Live Resin Cartridge 0.6ml Orange Cookies


Live Resin Cartridge

Orange Cookies Flavour


Very potent

Clean vapours

510 Thread compatible

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White Rhino amazes us with another innovative product.  Their Live Resin Cartridge is the closest experience you’ll have to live resin in cartridge form.  We have the highest quality live resin cartridges on the market for a third of the price!  Each of our premium cartridges are filled with strain-specific live resin that’s butane-extracted by White Rhino. Our cartridges are lined with a ceramic heating element that maintains a consistent and uniform heat resulting in perfect vapour flavour. This is a unique product that you won’t want to miss out on! Get yours fast before they sell out again!

Please note that you should turn your battery off by pressing down on the button 5 times when you are done using your vape. This will help ensure that you don’t burn out the coil in your battery.

Also note that we recommend storing your cartridges/pen in a dark, dry and cool place in order to keep your product in optimal condition.

510 Thread compatible

Very strong and clean vapours

Super tasty and wonderful aroma

Cartridge Tip:

We have had incidents where liquid live resin turns into crystals.  This is a good things since the only the purest form of THCa can solidify into salt crystals.   Since this extract is derived from a live marijuana plant in its purest form, we have no doubt that this extract can become crystalline.

When this happens, you can still get the crystals to melt back to liquid by putting the cartridge in a hot water bath for about 10 minutes. The crystals will melt back into liquid and you will be able to completely finish off the remaining extract in the cartridge.  Happy Vaping


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