Liquid Shatter Cartridge – Orange Cookies

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Orange Cookies | Indica

1.3g Liquid Shatter

Vape battery sold separately here

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Liquid Shatter are also known as liquid distillate. Cured buds are first extracted using CO2 system then distilled in a temperature controlled water bath in a rotating glass flask.  Must try for anyone looking for the ultimate clean and strong vapours.

Premium White Rhino shatter in a liquid form in a convenient disposable cartridge. Compatible with most e-cig bases. Made with 100% BC cannabis extract and natural terpenoids giving incredible taste and unparalleled potency. Liquid shatter is also very discreet allowing you to enjoy/medicate nearly anywhere as smell is greatly reduced. Liquid shatter provides fast relief from anxiety, pain caused by swelling and arthritis, nausea, and much more. Liquid shatter is best consumed by those who have a moderate to significant tolerance to cannabis already and is not recommended for new cannabis users.

Vape battery sold separately here


To prolong use of battery and cartridge:

  1. Be aware not to accidentally unscrew top between clear reservoir, turn right to tighten intermittently
  2. Clean battery contact condensation with Q-tip dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol


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