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1oz | Hybrid

Looking for that nostalgic 70’s greenhouse bud that doesn’t get you super messed up but leaves you with a good mellow feel? Then the Green Dream is just for you!



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Green Dream A sativa dominant hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Green Crack. It is termed as Green Dream due to its taste which is kind of like green tea and also because it has been formed out of Blue Dream that is one of the most prevalent strains available. The buds of Green Dream smell sour and fruity. It’s got light orange hairs but a good quality bud will mostly be covered in crystals. The smell that is produced when a person is smoking is similar to the taste they experience at the back of their throat. The effect this strain produces on a patient is that it provides them with child-like feelings towards life. With an insanely high THC level of 24 percent, Green Dream instills in a person an out-of-body sensation. This hybrid is predominantly used for stress but is also helpful for depression. It contains a number of great effects. This strain is effective for stress, chronic fatigue and when a person needs to get things done quickly. Furthermore, Green Dream stimulates cerebral effects such as increasing your imagination and creativity. A good smoke that can be utilized anytime, unlike heavy Indica it does not knock out a person.

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  1. Tiffanyhiltz (verified owner)

    Basically like smoking hay. No buzz whatsoever. Waste of money even at that price.

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