Ganja Candy | Gummies | 400mg THC


400mg THC per package

Best bang for the buck for potency

Keep out of reach of children | Please enjoy responsibly

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One of the best reviewed products on the market, you will not be disappointed.  We recommend new users to start off with 1/8 of a gummy and increase with tolerance.  Be aware of strong potency to avoid paranoia side effects.

Each package contains two medicated gummies. 200mg THC in each gummy. | 400mg THC per package

Keep out of reach of children | Please enjoy responsibly

8 reviews for Ganja Candy | Gummies | 400mg THC

  1. Dylan Sween (verified owner)

    Best deal under $30. Super fresh, sweet, and effective. Good stuff.

  2. Lilangelwings

    Definitely worth the money amd super yummy

  3. Amber McG (verified owner)

    Very Potent… Half a pack floored me and im a seasoned user.

    Be careful!!!

  4. Alicia Mountenay (verified owner)

    I eat these in 4s I smoke alot of weed I would order again! Half a pack got me very high.

  5. Drake Cote (verified owner)

    Edibles dont hit me to hard but I give these out as gifts and ppl love them. Always tell me they got high AF lol.

  6. Billard316 (verified owner)

    Very Nice. 9/10

  7. animater (verified owner)

    Very good. Nice taste and extremely potent. Eat a few of these and you best make sure you have everything you need for the next few hours within reach. Your gonna be buzzed. I am a heavy shatter user and these couch locked me.
    Highly recommend.

  8. Partoke

    One of the best deals you can find for 400mg of potent thc. Can’t go wrong with three

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