CBD For Dogs | 1000mg


60ml Bottle / 1000mg CBD

1 dropper: 1ml (16.6mg) – For large dogs

1/2 dropper: 0.5ml (8.3mg) – For medium dogs

1/4 dropper: 0.25ml (4.15mg) – For small dogs

Herring oil for healthy skin, coat, decreased shedding, and increased mobility

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We know you only want the best for your fur baby, or senior furry friend.

So we’ve done extensive research to develop a calming hemp oil that combines CBD with herring oil to support healthy bones and flexible joints, to help keep your dog in peak condition. Herring oil also helps reduce shedding, and keeps your little buddy’s coat shiny, full, and healthy.

CBD can help relieve chronic pain, relieve anxiety, increases appetite, and treats seizures. So you and your best pal can get back to the things you love doing together.

We’re confident that you can look forward to your pet regaining some of their mobility and energy. Then as you continue adding a drop to their morning routine, you may notice they’re back to chasing squirrels in the park, jumping on the bed and becoming playful as a pup again.



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