Buddalicious Extracts | Flawless – 1g


Buddalicious Concentrates

THCA Diamonds – Flawless

$60 per 1 Gram

Extremely potent and smooth smoke – with hints of lemony citrus flavour/scent

Strongest and most pure form of concentrate ever


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THCA or THC Diamonds – is a term that has a few different meanings. It’s often used to describe pure tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) crystalline, also known as “THCA diamonds” or “THC diamonds,” as well as THCA crystalline that was developed in the presence of a terpene-rich solution.

These are the purest and cleanest form of THC. Which often ranges up to a 99.8% THC purity.

Extremely potent and clean smoke.

Pleasant and tasty lemon citrus aroma/flavour.



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