Blueberry Kush


High Quality Indica

$139 an ounce

Loaded with THC

Fruity berry scent

Sticky buds

(16 customer reviews)

Out of stock

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16 reviews for Blueberry Kush

  1. Gokuson (verified owner)

    Great smell awesome for bed time big buds some of the best weed I’ve smoked

  2. Gokuson (verified owner)

    Very good smoke, love this flower

  3. Redbullmaple (verified owner)

    Everyday smoker. Good buzz 9 out 10 . Thanks bl.

  4. Redbullmaple

    My review of blueberry kush, 9 out of 10. Was at 99 bucks an oz. This is 149. Must be bigger buds is why price difference. 8 out of 10 at 149 per oz

  5. Bacardi89 (verified owner)

    Buds are fire, look and smell great, taste a little off, solid 7/10 for sure

  6. Gokuson (verified owner)

    This is my second time purchasing this flower very impressed with what I got for $120

  7. Neev

    I’ve purchased 3 oz of blueberry kush and i couldn’t be more pleased! some of the best bud on the site for sure!!

  8. Alicia M (verified owner)

    This weed is great. I’m disappointed you jacked the price up.

    Buddalicious Admin Reply: We are also super disappointed that we had to increase the price of this strain. The reason for all the increased price of all marijuana strains across the board in the summer months is because it is very tough to keep indoor grow rooms cool enough for optimal growth. Most growers are forced to turn off a few lights to accommodate the rise in temperature resulting in less product and less profits. Good growers might upgrade their Air Conditioner unit and use extra electricity to keep the rooms cool. This contributes to the increase in cost for the final product. We typically see an increase in prices as the summer temperature rises. The current high market prices are the result of extra expenses required to fight the rise in summer temperature.
    We are definitely not jacking up the prices to increase our profits margins but to match the reality of the current high market price. Thank you for your understanding.

  9. Gypsybling (verified owner)

    Stuff was off the charts tou wont be disappointed!

  10. Bigred3030 (verified owner)

    Got this today with the blue dream. Both smell and look great.

  11. Jamesfash (verified owner)

    One of the best smokes I’ve purchased off of here. The taste of blueberries is so potent in this strain it’s like your almost eating them. The after taste last forever which is not a bad thing as it’s like you just finished of a blueberry pie. Loved this strain and will be buying again.

  12. JackF

    Quick delivery and some really nice flower.
    Worth spending the extra on this.

  13. DDoug (verified owner)

    One of my favorites; worth every penny.

  14. Twhittle

    Smooth clean smoke will order again

  15. Gypsybling (verified owner)

    Stuffs superb

  16. fumarkumar (verified owner)

    Great strain, not super potent

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