Black Diamond


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21 reviews for Black Diamond

  1. Brenthom11 (verified owner)

    Well done… HIGHly recommend this bud. Great taste. 10 out of 10.

  2. eastcoast

    Had it from previous site and the taste plus high are awesome.

  3. Gokuson (verified owner)

    The taste of this weed is amazing love smoking it right before bed

  4. Brenthom11 (verified owner)

    Just ordered my second diamond… 23 dollars in savings… referrals and reviews… thanks bl…

  5. CorEyL420 (verified owner)

    The description was spot on. Big dense buds covered in thc. Very, very good stuff.

  6. calder b (verified owner)

    preeems! A+

  7. Bigred3030 (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this one, nice big buds. Pretty to look at tasty to smoke

  8. TJ2585 (verified owner)

    Great looking buds just as advertised very pleased..will be ordering more on Friday if its still around

  9. BongOx (verified owner)

    Very nice taste & buzz, great for the price.

  10. JaJS (verified owner)

    Very nice product. Have ordered a few times and has been consistent and high quality every time.

    Buddalicious Admin reply: We are very glad you like this exclusive strain, we only pick up from the same grower every time so the high quality will always be super consistent.

  11. Redbullmaple (verified owner)

    Just got black diamond. Very tasty puff everyday smoker 9 out of 10. Cheers

  12. Angel

    You can’t go wrong when you order from BL they always have consistently good strains especially this Black Diamond Og. If you have P.T.S.D or arthritis or insomnia this strain is perfect.

  13. Lilangelwings

    You absolutely can not go wrong with this strain its perfect for people that have p.t.s.d insomnia and arthritis and migraines.

  14. Wilsha (verified owner)

    Everyday smoker and fully enjoyed. Definitely recommend.

  15. Nancy B (verified owner)

    Every day indica smoker. 9/10 for this variety. I have ordered it a few times now and its consistently good. Love the look, smell. and taste. Thankyou Buddalicious. ( You’ll always be BB to me)

  16. Nicktonic (verified owner)

    Pros: Good THC content, large sticky buds, the high comes in intoxicating waves that have distinct phases.

    Cons: Strong overpowering chemical scent pre and post grind gave me the sneezes. Seemed to develop a weird strain tolerance after 7g (3 evenings) at which point the phase effects started to meld together.

    Side notes: Gave me more energy than I want from my indicas. Better suited for early evening than bedtime. I will definitely buy again when I am looking for more of an Indica leaning hybrid effect.

  17. gediged (verified owner)

    Good bud I am more of a sativa or hybrid user for daily smoke I find indica a bit heavy for me, I enjoyed it though

  18. Jamesfash (verified owner)

    This is the best night time strain I’ve come across on all 3 of budgets sites. It knocks me right out after my high so I only ever smoke it before bed. I keep some on hands at all times. Thanks for this awesome night cap lol. The taste is amazing reminds me of old school smoke. It burns amazingly with a nice white ash with no burn out. Love it love it love it.

  19. Billard316 (verified owner)

    I love it. Great buzz. Would buy again 10/10

  20. Cuteyhunny (verified owner)

    Taste was alright. Give you Bad munchies. Had to smoke multiple to feel stoned.

  21. fumarkumar

    Great strain for night

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