Battery for Vape Pen Silver


Silver Vape Pen Battery

Lithium Ion

650 mAh

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Large lithium ion vape pen battery with USB charger cable. Ideal for long travel time away from outlets and easy, carefree vaping.

The battery, also known as the lower half of the vape pen, is replaceable, but delicate. Please handle with care. This battery is the larger model, the only difference being aesthetic. Aside from appearance, one might prefer the larger model of the battery due to better gripping capabilities and longer lasting.

Offered in Silver – Battery x1 / Micro USB Charger Cable x1

Plug fits into any standard USB port for charging, battery end is a micro USB port, charger cable is included

  • To Unlock/Lock Battery: Press button 5 times rapidly until light flashes.  Hold button while inhaling to create vapours. Enjoy!
  • Change Heat Levels: Press button 3 times rapidly until light changes colour. *Green  for low – Blue for medium – Red for high

To prolong use of battery:

  1. Clean battery contact condensation with Q-tip dipped in Isopropyl Alcohol


Some have found the battery difficult to unlock/lock.  The key is to press the button 5 times as fast as you can.  Some users have had better luck pressing it 6 times quickly.


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